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After graduating her Master International Business Law at the Tilburg University, Audrey joined The Law Factor. Her main field of focus is law and technology and privacy. During this time at The Law Factor she has gained experience in reviewing, advising and negotiating (international) technology contracts. The last two years she has expanded her practice with privacy related topics and compliance. She now manages full compliance projects for her clients and also provides for inhouse training to all layers of a company including management. Her clientele consists of small and medium sized companies, as well as large international corporates active in the field of I(C)T, consumer electronics, high-tech systems, and the marketing and creative industry. This variety keeps her sharp, as she learns how to approach her work from different angles and branches.

 Audrey is a real ‘Brabantse’, (born in the region Brabant), meaning that she considers herself  as a warm ‘peoples person’ but will tell you like it is. She also takes this approach with regard to her clients, trying to enhance a natural and equal cooperation. “Chemistry only exists when you understand the business and values of your clients” Audrey says. From this perspective she has worked multiple times as an interim legal counsel (the so called “legal housekeeping service”) which has the advantage that risks can be seen beforehand and taken into account when creating business templates or protocols that a business can use as a standard. 

 In order to keep her knowledge updated, Audrey is a member of the Licensing Executives Society Benelux (LES) and the Vereniging Privacy Recht.

 If you have a question or if you are interested in interim support services, please send an email to: