We no longer live in a time in which innovation only takes place within the four walls of the own R&D department. Many of the current innovations are the product of the collaboration between two or more parties. However, working together does sound easier than it in reality is. For example when the partner does not turn out to be exactly what you wished for, or because the partnership lacks a proper business model in which all parties benefit. Or, when partners cannot agree upon how to manage the intellectual property that arises from the collaboration.

We are convinced that it pays off to involve a lawyer right at the start of the establishment of a partnership. The key is to find a proper balance between the main issues and equally important small details. According to our clients, we understand this balance. 

Frequently asked questions are: 

  • In what stage of the partnership is it useful to sign a NDA?
  • What legislation should I consider while executing the partnership? How do i make sure that the right party adopts the proper legislation?
  • What circumstances or limitations should be considered while shaping the collaboration? How do we, for example, find out whether third parties’ rights could oppose  the execution of our plans?
  • What aspects should be included in the partnerships agreement to keep all parties focused and contributing to the partnership?
  • How do we agree upon what party is to be allowed to use certain outcome of the partnership?
  • Under what circumstances should the partnership be terminated? How do we arrange the consequences of such termination?