A good technology deal is no done deal. If it concerns the closing of an international R&D agreement, a licensing agreement or a framework agreement for the manufacture and supply of high-tech products, in each case you must weigh the expected advantages of the deal against the associated risks. This requires good insight into the possibilities and limitations of your products, a thorough knowledge of the market and a feeling for international affairs.

We can help you make the best deal. Through our years of experience with international technology deals we have developed an outstanding sense of business and can steer you away from pitfalls and towards possibilities that you were perhaps unaware of. Our international network, with friendly offices right in the heart of innovation, ensures that your developing business complies with the laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which you operate.

Frequently asked questions are:

  • I have asked an international research institute to conduct research on our behalf. How can I ensure that the results become our exclusive property?
  • We are going to develop components for a large supplier of high-tech machines. The client has asked us to guarantee that what we supply does not infringe the rights of third parties. Is that reasonable? What alternatives are there?
  • We want to commercially exploit the software developed by us. What must we include in our licensing terms and conditions?
  • How do we limit our liability if it transpires that the machines used in our worldwide manufacturing and supply chain become defective?
  • What must we do to ensure that our purchase conditions are applied?
  • Our client wants us to ensure the timely delivery of our materials by means of a penalty included in the contract. Must we agree to that?¬†How can we prevent that in addition to such a penalty we are not required to compensate for all losses that the client incurs as a result of a late delivery?