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For companies who do not aspire to have their own lawyer but still want a structural and professional grasp on their legal issues, we have developed a unique service: Legal Housekeeping.


What is Legal Housekeeping?
Within a fixed number of half days per month, we proactively keep an eye on all your legal issues and make sure that you can continue to focus on your core activities. In this way, you combine the company knowledge of your own lawyer with the sharp, up-to-date expertise of an external lawyer, without the excessive costs.

How does it work?
After a quick scan of your current legal situation, it becomes clear how many half days per month we would need to sufficiently support your business with all its legal issues. With a fixed contract you benefit from a low threshold to instant advice and support and an extra economical tariff.


The Legal Quick Scan
The starting point for Legal Housekeeping is the ‘Legal Quick Scan’. Together with you, we determine which legal opportunities and threats your company faces, and also where your legal strengths and weaknesses lie. The outcome of this legal business analysis is a personalized report complete with recommendations, and a proposal for the implementation of these recommendations. With this proposal for implementation you also receive a timeline and a cost estimate. The time needed for the one-off legal efforts can be treated as an incidental assignment or be directly absorbed into the corresponding ‘advice bundle’ of the Legal Housekeeping.